Basic Approaches on How to Treat Dirty Water

No matter how clean is the water, it needs to be treated before drinking to make it safe for your health. Water treatment is necessary today for killing the germs and bacteria present in the water. According to Federal Emergency Management Agency, there are few approved ways to treat drinking water which includes boiling, distilling and using Water Softener. All these methods are elaborately discussed below for a closer look. You must ensure to use any of these methods to treat the water before drinking and make it safe for your drinking. In general boiling and using of softeners are the best approaches for treating drinking water.


If you are looking for the basic approach to treat drinking water, then boiling is the first step which is easy and simple for your use. However, you need to ensure that you boil the drinking water for at least 10-15 minutes to make it safe for drinking and kill all the contamination. This is the approach where you would be requiring lot of fuel and gas to boil the drinking water for treatment. This can prove to be expensive in long run and hence people are required to make use of other approaches which are safe and inexpensive like using of Water Softener.

The biggest issue with boiling for water treatment is that you can’t always treat the water with boiling as it requires gasoline for boiling. Moreover, you can’t consume the water just after boiling it as you need to wait till the water cools down for safe consumption.

Distillation of Water

The second approach for treating drinking water is distillation which requires you to boil the water and capture the vapour so as to condense it back to water. This is the approach which needs to be used in dire circumstances, especially for kids or child who is sick or allergic to contaminated water. Alike boiling, Distillation also has some common problems like boiling procedures. With this process a very small amount of water is produced for drinking, but the only benefit is that it is totally free from germs and other chemicals and hence it is safe for drinking. Unless you are a chemist or a moon-shiner having tools and skills to setup a real distillation column, it is not worth trying. You may opt for other approaches like Water Softener.

Water Softener

Water Softener is the advanced whole home or point of entry water treatment device that works on the principal of exchanging ion or swapping the magnesium or calcium ions with the sodium ions to make the drinking water safe for you. This device is programmed when it was installed by professionals and it has the ability to backwash after it reads that the volume of water sufficient to load up the media with magnesium and calcium ions has passed through it. The feature of backwash cycle is meant to wash brine and salt water over the sodium and media ions and replace it with magnesium and calcium ions on media providing it with ready to go into service again. You need to know the fact that these softeners are meant to add a bit of sodium into the drinking water to make it safe. So, people with high level of sodium in body must check this prior to using the softener. The machine uses the salt water to clean the media.

So, these were some of the recommended and approved approaches to treat dirty water and make it safe for your drinking. You may also try other methods that are suggested by doctors and other experts in the field.

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