Top 5 Games For A Medium End PC

A nice as video games are, it may not be accessible in all OCs equally. The graphics and gameplay used in some video games may be powerful than an average PC or laptop. For this reason, gamers may find it difficult to play smoothly in certain PCs. Nevertheless, you can still play some nice gamers on your medium PC.

Games For A Medium End PC

Medieval Total War:

This is one of the best real-time tactics and turn-oriented PC games in the market. Published by Activision and created from The Creative Assembly work, this game has been proven to operate smoothly on medium-end personal computers. It remains the second game in the series and positioned to picture the Middle Ages.

System Shock 2:

This is an action role-playing game that involves survival horror escape. As a first-person shooter game, System Shock 2 can work smoothly on most medium end computers. System Shock 2 is disturbing, fascinating, challenging, smart and scary. In this game, you will be acting like military personnel with the objective to stop a general infection that has destroyed a ship.

Rome Total War:

The game is developed by The Creative Assembly and remains a PC strategy console. It is third version in the series of the Rome Total War and released on 12 April of 2004. The game encapsulates the early Roman Empire and its entire republic. In this game, players will have to play the role of three important ruling Roman families. This epic game can be played on medium end PCs without any problem.

BloodRayne 2:

It is the second edition in the series of the BloodRayne. BloodRayne 2 remains a slash and hack game with tons of amazing features just like the first edition. It provides you with fluid gameplay and can work smoothly on hardware. Even if you are having a low or medium PC, playing this game will not pose any problem. The background music and the gameplay of this game will give you a unique feeling to press on. This hack and slash game portrays the event of the modern-day town. If you are afraid of your medium end PC, this game will not create any negative feelings.

Empire Total War:

Technology advancement, revolutionary fervor and global conflict remain the best way to describe the Empire Total War. The game comes with great information screens, map, campaign and simple interface elements. If you are looking for a game that will teach some historical figures, then give the Empire Total War a try. While sea wars are difficult to control, you will find them fun to watch. It is one of the best games that will play smoothly on your medium end PC.


When selecting a game to buy, ensure that it fits well into your PC operation. Compatibility is a great factor to consider when purchasing video game. If you have a low to medium end PC, the games above will play smoothly without any disturb.

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