Movie Review: Baby Driver

This movie was both written and directed by one, Edgar Wright who is most commonly known for his work on Shaun of the Dead and Hotfuzz. In this feature film, Angel Elgort stars as Baby, a young man who’s seriously emotionally troubled and finds himself in debt to Doc, Kevin Spacey, a mysterious crime boss in the city of Atlanta. Due to his superior driving skills, Baby becomes Doc’s getaway driver and just so happens to be exceptionally good at it. He comes off seeming completely unstoppable and in a stylish way too, largely due to the fact that his song selections match perfectly with each caper or heist. He only needs to complete on more job to get off Doc’s hook. Once done he can live peacefully with his foster Dad, Joseph played by CJ Jones. However the supporting cast of Jon Hamm as Buddy, Jamie Foxx as Bats and Elza Gonzalez as Darling keep making things ever so complicated for him and his love interest Debora played by Lily James.


One thing that makes the movie stand out is whenever Baby is on the wheel, that automotive mayhem and madness he’s involved in come off like a stylish ballet, however, as soon as everyone gets out of the car it quickly switches back to the usual stereotypes. That one final job, really right? A hero’s backstory that involves an ironic orphaning that has been poetically construed and so on and so forth. The movie goes exactly where you’d expect it would. Basically, it’s a story-line that you’ve probably experienced many times before. Nonetheless, due to the fact that it has some superb driving sequences and scenarios involved accompanied by superior stunt driving, Baby Driver does have its merits. The earphones that are an ever present in Baby’s ears whenever he’s driving play songs that match perfectly with the driving sequence he’s currently involved in in the movie.


You should know that this movie is a crime drama that is action packed from start to finish. There’s constant violence which is usually glamorized throughout the film. There are scenes of numerous mass killings with the deaths choreographed to the music being played at that given moment. You will also see quite a number of car accidents, sudden deaths, dead bodies as well as a lot of blood and gore. Many of the characters end up dying some horrible deaths. There are also some strong sexual connotations in certain scenes accompanied by some sexual vocabulary. There is also a lot of strong language being used all throughout the film.


All in all, Baby Driver is generally not such a bad movie at all. It does exactly what it needs to do, entertain the audience. Which it ends up doing perfectly. This is a wonderful piece of writing and directing by Edgar Wright that plays like a musical through the film lens of a crime thriller that’s action packed from the beginning to end. No doubt definitely

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