MSI Optix MPG27CQ 144hz Gaming Monitor Review

Are you looking for a 144hz monitor that comes with complete and innovative features? Well, if this is your regular question, then the product remains a great choice. One unique feature of this monitor that set it apart from other products is its 2560 x 1440 display feature.

This monitor’s pixel is two times larger than what you get with a real HD 1080p display. This feature will help you get more details about your game and a real architecture. The blazing fast 144Hz feature of the product is enough to provide gamers the best experience while playing. This is also a massive boost and increase products that operate with 60Hz.

Why Use This 144hz Monitor?

The well-designed 2560 x 1440 resolution of the monitor is something that nobody can debate on. The 1ms response time VA panel along with the refresh rate of 144Hz will make you enjoy gaming. In fact, you will see your competitor easily and clearly when using the monitor.

Even if gamers like to aim at an object, the monitor is perfect to help gamers for this task. For ultra-smooth gameplay, the monitor will combine both the GPU and the display refresh rate. The adaptive sync technology gives this monitor a hedge in the competitive marketplace.

The design and connectivity of the MPG27CQ are great features that make the product different. The quality of the image of this monitor is superb, sophisticated and classy.

Above all, the monitor will help to boost your productivity and experience when playing games. The product can be used by both newbie and veteran gaming enthusiasts. Giving the monitor a try will help you see how it works.

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1. Red LED

2. 1440p resolution, less blue and anti-flicker light

3. The monitor remains upgraded for its components & systems

4. 144Hz refresh rate

5. 178 wide view angle

6. To remove choppy frames rates & screen tearing, it uses the low response time

7. Frameless design and gaming OSD

8. Curved gaming display with 1800R

9. True colors and adaptive sync

For impressive viewing experience, the product uses its 1800R curved panel to achieve this goal. Among other amazing components of the product are the light emitting diode, sync and the low time of response. The monitor cost an average of $450 or less from reliable online platforms.

The product has a little bit of the features that any gamer will like. If you are searching for a competitive gaming monitor that has all the features, then try the MPG27CQ. The productivity you get from this monitor is beyond anticipation. The product is a great proposition in the midst of a high competitive market.

It is attractive in design and captures your attention at first glance. Gaming enthusiasts will be satisfied with this monitor by disabling the lights most of the time. The display of the monitor is a function of its fast 1440p panel. This also accounts for its cost-effective price when purchasing the monitor. While there are several monitors in the marketplace competing for the best performance, this product will not fail you.

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