Top 5 MCU Facts That You Didn’t Know About

Ever since the late 70’s or probably before that, Action movies, especially superheroes started to be the talk of the town. It all started out with comics initially, spreading the globe similar to how a plague would and now, it has if not substituted, has certainly supplemented the world of superheroes with movies. We are going to look at one of the most famous superhero platforms namely, MCU and why it is quite the rage now, with movies being released every now and then, there seems to be no stopping for the team.

What is MCU and why is it so viral?

• MCU stands for Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it basically is a network of stories linked together by means of superheroes parading together and saving the world.

• One has to truly explore the world of MCU to know a lot more about it, but we will talk about it now as to how it started becoming viral and attracting youth especially.

• In the early 2000s, when the potential of the Internet was practically being unlocked, and with every possibility that could be implemented into movies with the advent of technology and computers, MCU took full use of it and started to give visual treats to one and all.

• One of the first MCU series was probably Spiderman which revolutionised the world of MCU, paving the way for other movies and series to be worked on. It received positive reviews and was regarded as one of the best series- till now!

• MCU is all about action-packed scenes with a little bit of humour, here and there, family values and sentiments, rationality, priorities and so on and so forth. Since there are so many MCUs that exists, let us take a look at a reasonable list of some of the best MCU movies available right now.

• As stated earlier, Spiderman is one of them, the next being IronMan with his powers and jokes and king-like live is truly an inspiration to exist as a superhero. But the most human-like superhero is Captain America which brings us to number 3 of the MCUs that we are talking about today.

• Captain America is a human being with experiments done on him to make him stronger and acts as a soldier fighting war and crime together to save humanity. The next on the list would be Thor as number 4 on the list, Thor is a God which follows Norse Mythology who lives on a different planet. Despite saving his people, he also comes to earth to help us.

• But the most prominent MCU, combining all of the above-mentioned superheroes would be the ‘Avengers’ series which is one of the best series ever made! A group of superheroes namely, The Avengers, get together to help and save humanity from extraterrestrial species.

• One factor is guaranteed to anyone who watches these movies and that is pure entertainment! One has to watch these movies to get an idea and I would recommend starting with The Avengers series.

MCU and more!

The best thing? You can watch all the movies with the use of Movie Box, which is a website which hosts free entertainment for everyone. All the genres are available on the website and hence looking at the movies mentioned above, it comes as no surprise that MCU is one of the best movie platforms. There are still a lot of movies yet to be released which are awaited with a lot of anticipation by everyone. Let us wait and watch all those movies and be surprised together!

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